Trump leaves White House – Biden misses inauguration

Shortly before this, US President Donald Trump boarded a helicopter and left the White House.

Biden misses out on inauguration
Trump is leaving the White House early, refusing to attend Biden’s inauguration. If there was ever an American president who missed his successor’s inauguration, it was only the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, he became President in the final stages of the Civil War and, like Trump, managed to stay in power for only one term.

Trump, meanwhile, plans to hold a farewell party before Biden’s inauguration.

Trump and Melania, who walked through the White House red carpet, also received relatively little media coverage.

Making Washington a city guarded by 25,000 troops, Trump is set to become the first president to be impeached twice in American history.

Trump will have to appear before the Senate
However, the legal issues regarding the impeachment are still pending and Trump will have to appear before the Senate. If Trump fails the test, which is linked to the Capitol Hill violence, he will not be able to hold any public office for life. That decision requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate, which means that at least 17 Republican senators, including Democrats, must vote against Trump.


Jaffna hospital too flooded .. Patients suffer

The Jaffna Teaching Hospital has been severely affected by the recent floods in the Jaffna District and several wards of the hospital have been inundated, hospital doctors said.

Patients are suffering due to the influx of water into the wards of the hospital and the staff, including doctors, are unable to carry out their daily activities and some patients and staff have to be relocated for treatment.

The city of Jaffna has also been severely affected by heavy rains that have been falling in the Jaffna district for several days, affecting daily activities.

The Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr. T. Sathyamoorthy said that although the flood situation at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital is critical, patients are being treated as best they can.

Corona raids gem trade in Ratnapura

The gem trade in Ratnapura has been temporarily banned.

Ratnapura Mayor Tyrone Attanayake made this statement to the media this afternoon.

The move comes amid reports of a corona-infected gem merchant visiting the Beruwela area.

The mayor said that the infected person had been identified through a random investigation.

He also said that the resumption date of the gem business will be announced later.

All schools in Galle closed

It has been decided to close all schools in the Galle Education Division from tomorrow.

The Southern Provincial Ministry of Education states that this decision has been taken to control the spread of the corona epidemic.

The decision was taken following a discussion with Provincial Governor Willie Gamage.

The closure lasted for three days.